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Different types of showers that makes our day a wonderful day.

Different types of showers online

Different types of showers

The time has change and so has the bathing style. The day starts with your bathroom and if you do not have the right bathroom fittings in it, you will be bit lost at times. At times, you must be thinking why is it that only your showers in jammed? Well there are plenty of reasons and we will talk about those reason in our next edition.

Showers Online

We will talk about different types of showers that can make your bathroom look fabulous from a dull looking cave. You will find various types of showers online these days from various sites, but hardwarebajaar provides you the best quality showers directly from the distributors after doing a thorough quality check. So rest assured when you are buying the showers online from our store.

Overhead Showers online

Overhead Showers

Well we are deviating from the topic. Ya, we are talking about various types of showers.

The most common one is what we call overhead showers. The round shaped old aged shower which has delivered its best performance since ages. Our forefathers and their forefathers may be have the benefit of those types of showers. Overhead shower is the common name and it could be round, oval, square, rectangular and in apple shape too but they are generally small in size. Hence we have named them as overhead shower. You will see a picture of an overhead shower right around this article.

Rain Showers Online

Rain Showers

The next big thing that we saw in last decade was rain showers. The big square showers over our head that gives us a feeling of rain. Yes, imagine the fun you could have with those rain showers covering almost every part of your body. They are generally 8 inch to 16 inch in diameter or radius. It is just mind blowing to have bath in one of those showers. Personally speaking, I have one and I spend almost 10 minutes under it everyday. I really forget about the fact of saving water there but we should keep that point in mind always.

hand Showers online

hand Showers

After the rain showers we saw hand showers. Many must be not so familiar with hand showers and may not be so comfortable as well. But hand showers are quite famous these days. Specially for kids. They just love splashing water and that’s the best thing kids can have in a closed 6X6 room. You will find hand showers with various designs and sizes depending on the need of the customer.

Shower Panels

Shower Panels

As we are moving towards technology, the hardware industry is also taking a good shape simultaneously. Shower panels gave a complete new meaning of bathing. Hooked with multiple jets, overhead showers, hand showers in just one panel made is so fascinating for customers that they just cant get away from bathroom. Shower panel is quite a success in western and european countries and slowly its spreading its mark in India.

LED Showers India

LED Showers

Now this one is interesting. You all have heard about LED showers right? This new technology has completely changed the experience of bathing. LED hand showers and LED showers are designed to glow in various LED lights when you bath. The technology has gone so advanced that the color changes with the temperature of water. You will believe your eyes only when you have one.

Multi-Function Showers

Multi-function showers

The last one is about multi-function showers. If you are bored about the same water flow then you can opt for multi-function hand showers and multi-function overhead showers. You can decide to change the flow of water from 2 flow to 7 flow. Isn’t that amazing?

We have talked about the products and now it is important to discuss about the best brands you can have in your bathroom. India has seen lot of emerging players in bathroom fittings and sanitaryware segment but there are some players that are undisputed champions. Jaquar is well known across Asia, Africa and Europe. Their quality and service after sales is great. Hindware is one brand to look for because it gives best quality and latest designs. Who wouldn’t know about Kohler. That speaker shower Maxie is one thing that shocked us all. Amazing brand and excellent quality. There are new brands that have captured the market and are doing really good like Plumber, Moen, Goldline, PrayagCentury and many more.

The great thing is that now it is all under one roof named hardwarebajaar and you can buy them all from once store and get delivery directly at home anywhere in India.

If you wish to know anything about Bathroom fittings, accessories, kitchen fittings and accessories, DIY, tips, brands, technical information then you have to just visit our website and chat with our agent online or call our customer care helpline number. It is that easy now.

We are coming up with a good article on keeping your bathroom fittings accessories new.

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