Some of us really don’t know what health faucet is but if you see the picture of it you will get a clear idea.

With this changing world, lot of products and designs in our houses and bathrooms have changed to suits our needs more appropriately. We often notice of the products here and there getting damaged in the long run and short run as well. One of the most common product which frequently gets damaged is a health faucet. Do you really know why it gets damaged so soon?

We will help you know some basic reasons which will help you keep those health faucets intact for a longer duration.

Health Faucet Hindware F160027

Health faucets

  • Most of the health faucets are made of ABS or in general terms we call is unbreakable plastic. But they are actually breakable. Everything in this world is breakable and so are these faucets.
  • These health faucets are made of 2 MM to 4MM thick ABS body or brass body controlled with spring operating lever.
  • These spring is controlled by a lever which is on the top of the faucet handle. As you can see in the picture.
  • We all know is the capability of water when it comes to its natural force. Imagine the same force falling on the faucets all day through specially the health faucets which are controlled by a spring lever.
  • They cannot withstand the pressure of the water hitting the spring so so many days. That’s why it soon looses its grip between the spring and the washer which holds the lever and stops the water flow.
  • The best way and the easiest way to make your health faucets more durable is to just turn off the angle cock through which the health faucet is connected after its use. This will ensure that the force of water is stopped at that very same point where the angle cock is connected.
  • Normally a health faucet can withstand a pressure of upto 4 KG pressure but in those cases it will last only about few months. Most individual houses in India have a pressure of about 0.5KG to 2KG which is fine but if exceeds 2.5 KG then its a problem in the long run.

So you know how you can improve the durability of the health faucets.

This might be useful for you to know that most of the good brands gives 7 years warranty for all faucets but for showers and health faucets it is always 1 year. The reason being it cannot hold the pressure of water for so long. Brands like Jaquar, Hindware, ESSESS, Parryware, Grohe, Hansgrohe, Roca, Kohler and all other brands have 1 year warranty for health faucets and showers and hand showers. There are few brands which gives 5 years guarantee which means if anything happens to the health faucet or shower, it can be fully replaced without any charges.

Feel free to ask any questions if you have and our technical team will help you with yous answers.