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 Hardware Bajaar 2

HardwareBajaar has been shaped to gratify the ever growing demand for customers, hard pressed for time, to suitably shop for their hardware products, on line 24 hours a day 7 days a week, from anywhere in India.

HardwareBajaar has hardware access to thousands of hardware and electrical products and over time will be adding more and more products to our range.

We source most of our products from India and specially Ahmedabad Gujarat and will deliver the products to any customers in India.

The founder of HardwareBajaar.com is Sunil I Patel and he has more than 8 years of professional experience working with multinational companies and managing a family hardware business over a period of time. We understand the importance of providing best quality hardware and electrical material at competitive price in timely manner.

We will deliver products to the customer directly through DTDC courier service and our price delivered in most cases will be as good as you get the material by shopping in person from store. Added advantage is you save your time by being at store physically and checking out limited products from the store. You get wide range of selection option from this online store which is practically not possible in hardware store.

If you are looking for bulk quantities of any product tell us what you need and we will give you a quote.

HardwareBajaar has an objective to be the best on line supplier of hardware products ranging from bath accessories to garden tools, from mirrors to vanities, from screws and screw drivers to outdoor furniture, from barbeques to beach umbrellas. In short a huge range of products.

If you find we are not selling something you would like let us know by sending a mail to sales@hardwarebajaar.com or fill our online feedback form.


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2 thoughts on “About www.hardwarebajaar.com”

  1. I constantly find it so irritating that most of the
    great tables have become only for sale online, there is not really any very good showrooms close
    to me personally

  2. Hi, can we know from which place you are so that we can help you find one..

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