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HardwareBajaar presents Dhamaka offer this Diwali for all their customers with offers like never before. This is not going to be an ordinary online shopping experience for you because you will come across some deals you never imagined.

We know that hardware products are all meant for home and offices so we want to offer you products as freebies much related to home and offices. This is not going to be a surprise for you because you will have an option to select your own freebies.

We are offering deals based on purchase slabs and at the same time we are also giving you options to select the freebies you want from the list shown below.

You have to just purchase products online from our store and send us an email of the product you wish to get depending on the eligibility criteria for that particular slab.

Please find the slabs below.

On Rs 3,000 And Above Branded Sunglasses
On Rs 5,000 And Above Diamond Curtain Knobs Pair
On Rs 10,000 And Above Branded Headphones For Mobiles
On Rs 20,000 And Above Branded Wrist Watch Ladies and gents Or Dinner Set
On Rs 30,000 And Above Branded Rice Maker Or Roti Maker
On Rs 40,000 And Above Branded Induction Cooker or Digital Camera or Home theatre
On Rs 50,000 And Above Branded Juicer Mixer or Vacuume Cleaner or Skybag Travel Bag
On Rs 100,000 And Above Lenovo Tablet or A Smart Phone or Microwave Convection Oven

Headphones Home Theatre Induction Cooker Juicer Mixer Grinder Lenovo Microwave Nikon rice maker roti maker Skybag Smarphone Sunglasses Vacuume Cleaner

Please note that you wont be qualified for this offer if you use discount vouchers.